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Fan Zhou, BSc, Cert Ac, MBAcC, MCAcA
Fan Zhou

Acupuncture Practitioner

Fan Zhou, BSc, Cert Ac, MBAcC, MCAcA

Born in Xiamen of South East of China, Fan Zhou is from a family of Acupuncturists and Herbal Practitioners and has been very involved in diagnosis and treatment since he was very young. His main tutors at that time were his father and grandfather, together with one of his uncles. He subsequently trained as an Acupuncturist in his home town of Xiamen. Fan speaks Mandarin, Fujian Dialect (Taiwanese Dialect) and English.

Fan has been an Acupuncturist in Aberdeen since 1993 and during that time has built up a large client base. Many patients return after some time to have different conditions treated as they have been so pleased with the initial results. Fan's expertise in treatment is well known and well talked of as many of his patients come as a result of speaking to present or former clients.

Fan is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and also of the Chinese Acupuncture Association. He is also HSA registered so that people can claim for treatment if they are members of HSA.

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